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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2083 development wicked
They had been freaking shadier compared to the Fearless Alliance!
Who were they?!
Who were they?!
Chapter 2083: Do you need to see Daddy?
However, Nameless Nie along with his crew didn’t seem to have read him. They had been immersed in their entire world and wholly focused entirely on going the materials, mumbling to themselves.
“Put it down!”
That which was more irritating was they were transferring factors in front of them!
Ye Wanwan viewed Tangtang, her vision converting before she asked, “Tangtang, would you like to see Daddy?”
But… regardless of whether he was Young Master’s grandfather, wasn’t he proceeding too far?! Who would relocate stuff from somebody else’s storing of this nature?!
“Okay.” Tangtang nodded.
Nameless Nie dealing with him as “Brother-In-Law” created Si Yehan’s view to flicker, along with the guy calmly mentioned, “Let them proceed our issues.”
“Stop! How dare you deprive our stockroom facing Lord Asura?!”
Jiang Yan rebuked Nameless Nie with his fantastic crew.
A minute later, Jiang Yan driven Si Yehan to Asura’s storage place.
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“My Lord, examine them! They aren’t members of the Nie spouse and children! They’re clearly a group of bandits!” Jiang Yan was enraged.
He really was Si Yehan’s authentic kid definitely!
Nameless Nie switched around and looked over Jiang Yan without having the tiniest alternation in his phrase. “Rob? I’m switching my brother-in-law’s things. Precisely what the h*ll can it pertain to you?”
But his Lord would permit them to drive them just as this?!
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“Okay.” Tangtang nodded.
“What? What is the difficulty, Brother-In-Legislation?” Nameless Nie questioned Si Yehan.
“Then I’ll provide you to see Daddy, alright?” Ye Wanwan smiled.
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A moment afterwards, Jiang Yan led Si Yehan to Asura’s factory.
Jiang Yan moved into Si Yehan’s office and investigated Si Yehan. “My Lord, that Nameless Nie came… and delivered an organization with him. They’re getting every thing useful like several bandits, including the resources we obtained.”
Si Yehan didn’t say anything to that and looked to leave behind.
When Jiang Yan withstood inside the storage place and observed Nameless Nie going to relocate the freight these people were about to business with other factions, he was instantly enraged and screamed.
“Then I’ll carry you to view Daddy, ok?” Ye Wanwan smiled.
“Okay.” Tangtang nodded.
“We’re vibrant this time…”
Nameless Nie addressing him as “Brother-In-Law” brought on Si Yehan’s view to flicker, and also the gentleman calmly reported, “Let them shift our factors.”
However, the Asura members didn’t dare to bar Nameless Nie since he was the grandfather of Little Expert of Asura!
“Stop! How dare you deprive our warehouse in front of Lord Asura?!”
Even so, Nameless Nie and the crew didn’t have observed him. These folks were immersed in their planet and wholly dedicated to shifting the items, mumbling to themselves.

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