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Grey Eagle: Savage Ecstasy
Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 902 – Entering the Frozen Asgard mist hilarious
The guards didn’t say everything else, because it wasn’t their employment to determine who actually gets to go inside of and who doesn’t.
“Hi there, are you presently sure you want to go inside of? You’re both only Sovereigns.” The guards required them.
Whilst they have been not regular guards and had been only there to be certain no enchanting beasts get away from from Frosty Asgard, they still couldn’t help but avoid Su Yang.
Into their eyeballs, two Sovereign Character World cultivators entering the Frosty Asgard was similar to seeking out loss of life, and also it was scarce to check out guys around this area when the Azure Lotus wasn’t even in close proximity to blooming.
Although Su Yang caused it to be appear to be uncomplicated, much like he was taking a walk in the park, it was actually actually an unbelievable job that unless just one got substantial understanding of the Frozen Asgard, one wouldn’t have the capacity to reproduce it.
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“Wear the jacket and consume one of many Serious Chilly Amount of resistance Pills. The supplement can last for two main weeks.” Su Yang thought to Xiao Rong.
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As soon as the jacket sensed the cool, it automatically activated the formation undetectable throughout, as well as quickly, the coldness subsided.
When Su Yang pa.s.sed by these females, each will considered him with attention.
“Don the shirt and swallow on the list of Excessive Cold Reluctance Supplements. The supplement might last for just two many days.” Su Yang said to Xiao Rong.
“Well… All the best, I guess…”
“It’s near impossible to navigate in the Freezing Asgard through ordinary means. However, I realize precisely how quite a few measures we should take to access our vacation spot. Just observe my measures and don’t move around since there are hidden holes all around the Frosty Asgard which can be included in snow. Just one wrong action and you’ll drop for your passing away.”
The blizzard was so impressive which they weren’t able to see more than a dozen yards within the length, and then in their eyes, there were only the shade white-colored forward.
Xiao Rong nodded and wore the jacket that coated her from throat to foot, and when she wore the hood, it dealt with her head as well. She then taken among the violet drugs, and she immediately sensed her physique developing hotter.
Su Yang started going for walks in the area of snow with confident and enormous strides in spite of not being able to see where he was wandering, and Xiao Rong put into practice him from regarding.
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About 14 days after Su Yang and Xiao Rong left the town with regards to their supplies, they emerged outside a ma.s.sive mountain peak variety which had an ongoing blizzard.
Into their eyes, two Sovereign Soul Realm cultivators entering the Freezing Asgard was akin to searching for death, and yes it was hard to find to discover adult men around this area in the event the Azure Lotus wasn’t even near to blooming.
The guards ranking for the front door in the Iced Asgard elevated their eye-brows if they saw Su Yang and Xiao Rong drawing near them.
When Su Yang pa.s.sed by these females, each of them looked at him with attraction.
Since they approached the front door towards the Freezing Asgard, Su Yang could see people camped beside the streets.
As a result of the serious chilly, Iced Asgard is not merely an ideal place for Yin Factor treasures to show up, it can also be the right area for ladies to develop, consequently why most people collected there at this time had been most women.
The time they stepped foot in the Iced Asgard, teeny ice debris started off hitting them on the experience, and even with covering themselves in faith based energy, these seemingly standard ice airborne debris tore right through them, making them feel just like there was insect pests p.r.i.c.master their deal with.
They could occasionally encounter marvelous beasts with this pa.s.sage, nevertheless they have been throughout the Sovereign Soul Realm, and Su Yang would look after them along with his Sword Qi before they might even behave.
Even with Freezing Asgard’s harmful surroundings, folks from round the Divine Heavens would come to this location seeking treasures, in case they’re not in search of treasures, they had been for exercising.
Although Su Yang managed to make it seem to be uncomplicated, almost like he was having a stroll on the park your car, it was subsequently actually a tremendous feat that unless one particular got in depth know-how about the Iced Asgard, a single wouldn’t manage to duplicate it.
The guards didn’t say everything else, mainly because it wasn’t their employment to figure out who grows to go on the inside and who doesn’t.
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When Su Yang pa.s.sed by these women, each of them considered him with awareness.
Backside as he was still active around the Four Divine Heavens, he would infrequently not understand a girl even though people were just an ordinary disciple, specially if these folks were cultivators from notable sects.
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Xiao Rong nodded.
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“Well… Best of luck, I guess…”
A lot of the women gathered here seemed to be disciples from many sects, and Su Yang identified them all by their uniforms.
Su Yang also viewed these most women with attention, nevertheless it was not for their beauty.
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Su Yang also viewed these most women with attention, but it really was not for their splendor.
“Well… All the best !, I guess…”
A single thousand steps… ten thousand steps… twenty thousand techniques…
“The 1st hidden pa.s.sage is just 103,021 steps within this location. It’ll probably consider us around three days or weeks to receive there, and there exists a tiny lower than 2 months left. Let’s go.”

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